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Alberta Human Resources Consulting Services

We’re about helping your teams excel. Our consultants are here to help you create an efficient HR foundation, whether from the ground up through establishing policies and procedures or updating them and implementing necessary changes.

We specialize in the following growth-focused areas:

Your Human Resource

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Clarify Roles
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Attract &
Develop Talent

Turn Employees into Ambassadors

Promote Workplace Engagement

Build A Happier Work Environment

Why Choose River City HR for Alberta Recruiting Services?

Are you looking for a new employee to join your team? Experiencing growth and know you need to create a new role? Experiencing gaps in articulating your team’s responsibilities?

River City Recruiting is your human resource. Our teams help you hire the best talent on a fixed budget. This service is ideal for organizations with limited resources that still need the best talent to scale and support their business.

Building your team for better business.

Recruitment Services

Customized packages and payment plans are available. For rates or services beyond recruitment, please call us to discuss your unique situation, contact us any time!

Remote Work Analysis Report

Our new Remote Work Analysis Report is designed to improve remote working across your organizational levels.

Inside, you will find two versions of the report: One for remote workers and the other for leaders who manage remote workers. These assessments are built upon the same scientific foundation as our Harrison Suitability Assessment. They identify and measure strengths and gaps related to competencies, suitability, and engagement factors that impact remote working.

Each of the reports includes a Remote Work Competency set. Optional reports ensure a complete picture of remote working for the specific job.

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