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River City Recruiting & HR is excited to announce our Resume Review and Coaching services! Building your resume isn't as easy as it used to be, from knowing how to format and which font to use, to addressing things like employment gaps and not enough experience - we've got you!  The team at River City Recruiting & HR wants to help you build an impressive resume as well as provide you with a list of your greatest strengths and career options that are the best fit for you! Are you interested?   

- One of our experts to review your resume and provide feedback and advice
- Harrison Assessment Reports: Your Greatest Strengths and Career Options 
- 1 hour of career coaching

Just interested in knowing your career options? You can purchase this report for an even smaller fee of $50.
​Scroll below to purchase your Career Options report through Harrison Assessments and see what your next venture could be! 

Our Career Options Report can help you answer this question in less than 1 hour. First, you complete a 25-minute online preference questionnaire. The SmartQuestionnaire™ measures 175 characteristics and factors in your interests, task preferences, motivations, work values, work environment preferences, and interpersonal preferences. Then, you’ll see more than 650 careers ranked in order according to your likes and dislikes and find the career that aligns with your interests.