Our Team



Allie Knull CPHR RPR

Allie Knull President of River City Recruiting And HR

Allie’s superpower is connecting people. Driven to make recruitment and talent management easier for all, she opted to share her knowledge with start-ups, scale-ups and non-profits. Determined to make a difference in the world, it’s not known if she sleeps.

Top 10 Top Recruiter in Canada Award winner for 2019






Director of Operations:

Megan Hunter

Megan Hunter is a wonderful Recruitment Consultant on our growing team of professionals

Megan has over 8 years experience in the outside sales world and has a passion for helping people level-up in their lives and careers. She worked her way from receptionist to sales manager of a fortune 500 company before coming to River City. She believes in doing everything she does with intent and precision.


HR Consultants:

Avtar (Matharu) Mohar, CPHR Candidate

Avtar - esteemed HR Advisor and Operations Lead

Avtar loves to empower and inspire  leadership to maximize possibilities for  growth and success in organizations. With  over 8 years of experience in Human Resources disciplines, she is able to understand each company's unique culture and mash that with innovative solutions and ways to bring HR strategy in today's changing world.





Nancy Wilson, sHRBP

Nancy Wilson is a strong and supportive addition to the Edmonton team of River City Recruiting.

Nancy’s true passion is to inspire and empower individuals to understand and become their very best self. With over 20 years of experience in all aspects of human resources she realized that nothing excites her more than facilitation and training. Specializing in Personality Assessment workshops, Nancy facilitates powerful, interactive and valuable activities in personalized sessions that can lead to improve mental health happiness, mutual understanding of similarities and differences and respect in the workplace.