Eight Pillars Course

8 Pillars of Frontline Management

This 8 week training program was developed to give high-potential employees a clear roadmap to develop the skills, knowledge, and experiences required to be promoted into and excel within a front-line management position.
Program Perks
  • Utilizes Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions to identify top traits for emerging leaders
  • 8 online modules over 8 weeks, one-on-one online coaching sessions every 2 weeks and weekly discussions held live at the end of each module with a facilitator
  • Total of 28 hours of online learning, 8 hours of online group training with a facilitator
  • 1 hour one-on-one coaching session
  • 8 Pillars of Frontline Management Certification


Course Outline 


Module 1 – Personal Leadership & Self-Awareness

  • How to build your Leadership Resume – a 12-month action plan to test, track and record leadership achievements within current role
  • Developing personal resilience within the workplace

      Module 2 – Situational and Organizational Awareness

      • Transitioning from peer to leader and the difference between a front-line manager and organizational leader
      • Breaking down the business and industry by identifying key vendors, agencies, competitors, knowledge and market gaps

      Module 3 – Driving Results & Creating Value

      • Setting clear, actionable goals and delivering more value than you are paid for Effective time management

      Module 4 – Leading Authentically and Establishing Trust

      • Defining the leader you aspire to be and building your reputation
      • Building trust within your team and organization and overcoming barriers to building trust

      Module 5 – Building & Managing Relationships

      • How to build genuine connections with others
      • Public speaking and presentations

      Module 6 – Communicating Effectively

      • Defining effective communication in groups and through change

      Module 7 – Attracting & Developing Talent and Effective Teams

      • HR Principles from recruitment and compensation to motivation and conflict management

      Module 8 – Holding Others Accountable

      • Performance management and importance of accountability