About Us


Recruitment and Human Resources Management

River City Recruiting & HR is a premier recruitment and human resources consulting firm that provides support, guidance, and partnership to organizations throughout their talent management needs.  We specialize in coaching your leadership team on recruitment and human resources best practices so that your organization is positioned to handle any situation that should arise; resulting in lower costs, less wasted time, and a happier team.    
Business owners can trust our expertise to tackle a variety of projects; from strategic planning to process review. We empower our clients with the tools they need to be successful, while providing support when they need it most. 


Triple Right Plan

Any way you chose, you can always expect our utmost commitment to quality and service.  We look forward to working with your team as we deploy proven recruitment strategy.

1. Discovery

  • A complimentary 1 hour conversation that learns:
  • About you
  • About us
  • About your role requirements

2. Proposal & Action Plan

  • Typically a four to six week plan with your needs identified and an ideal candidate profile captured
  • For some, shorter time frames are better suited, such as high turnover, entry level roles
  • Action plans can be altered to suit your organization's needs

3. Implementation
  • Action plan is started with one of our talented consultants
  • The role is created and confirmed to match your requirements with the hiring manager
  • Action plan is reviewed half-way for alignment with your urgent needs
  • Before completion of the action plan, there are two options: a) start new action plan can start once previous one has completed (focus on strategic HR items), b) transition into the Oversight stage
4. Oversight
  • Continual support to your organization
  • Action plan(s) have been completed and the strategies have been handed off to your team
  • Strategic support is provided as needed, which includes additional HR framework building, such as; defining your onboarding process, developing your performance management framework, and/or HR advisory support
  • Additional work may be done using our HR Triple Right Process

5. Review
  • Yearly review of your organization's HR or Talent Management requirements
  • Survey sent to your organization for feedback on support they've received from River City Recruiting & HR