The Eight Pillars of Frontline Management

Elevating Your Management Tools, Soft Skills, and More

Your workforce can be as dynamic as you are. This eight week training program is designed to give high-potential employees a clear roadmap to develop the skills, knowledge, and experiences required to be promoted into and excel within a front-line management position.

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Eight-Pillar Program Perks

This unique program is designed to bring existing talent to new levels—all while unlocking more value for your business in lower turnover, increased efficiency, and staff engagement.

Get Training Costs Covered!

Did you know? That our Eight-Pillar Program is eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG). That means you can apply to get two-thirds of the total approved training cost which is: up to $10,000 per trainee, per fiscal year for current employees!

Each module brings new skills to the table while reinforcing previous strategies. For a breakdown of what to expect, please contact us.

Skills You’ll Learn

How to build your Leadership Resume – a 12-month action plan to test, track and record your leadership achievements within your current role.
Up and onward – how to transition from peer to leader and the difference between a front-line manager and organizational leader. Learn how to break down your business and industry by identifying key vendors, agencies, competitors, knowledge and market gaps.
How to set clear, actionable, and measurable goals that deliver value for your team and your organization.
Reputation is everything. You’ll learn how to define the type of leader you want to be and build your reputation by establishing structures that will maintain trust within your team.
Be their favourite boss – how to build strong and genuine connections with your team. Become an expert speaker with coaching for public speaking and presentations.
“Organizational change” doesn’t have to be a dirty word. We’ll teach you how to effectively communicate in groups and through change.
We use contemporary HR principles to help you find, train, and grow the right person for the right role.

Performance management can be tricky, we get it. We’ll show you how to build effective systems for performance management that keep you and your team members accountable.

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