At our core, River City Recruiting & HR exists to educate, assist, empower, and provide expertise to businesses in a customized and scalable way.  Our recruitment methodology is to help you get the right person, in the right role, at the right time. When all of these elements are achieved, it sets up your business to grow in pivotal times.  Our customized human resources solutions save you time and money; they are meant to be scalable, just like your business.

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Harrison Assessments

The Career Options report is a valuable tool for starting, changing and developing your career. It measures 175 factors including your task preferences, motivations, work environment preferences, interests, and interpersonal preferences. The system compares your preferences to the requirements of more than 681 career options to determine the careers that you're more likely to enjoy.

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About Us

River City Recruiting & HR is a premier recruitment and HR specialist firm that works with small and medium sized businesses to provide support, guidance, and partnership throughout the HR cycle.  We have diverse experience across industries with union and non-union organizations, from entry level to executive leaders.  We take the time to understand your business, your pain points, and how we can partner with you to prepare your business to take the next step. 
Founded by Allie Knull, River City Recruiting & HR has grown to become a team of expert human resources professionals and recruitment consultants.  We provide you with the tools and processes to recruit, manage and grow your team with expert support from our knowledgeable team of consultants.

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Allie Knull is a creative groundbreaker who is continually striving to find methods to better serve her customers. She is the first person in Canada to recognize the positive benefits of using the Harrison Assessment work behavior tool in her recruiting practice and her clients are reaping the benefits. With professionals like Allie in the marketplace, the future of the recruiting business is in great hands.

Ed Davies - Solutions Partner / Harrison Assessments

I reached out to Allie when my resume and job search strategies needed a makeover. Her advice and coaching were on-point. She gave me the confidence to actively seek out opportunities, sell myself, recognize my skills, and to raise the bar. My life and career are back on track because of her. I have and will continue to recommend her to others.

Teena Hughson - Community Engagement Coordinator / Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation

​Working with RCR & HR has made the daunting task of HR fun. They have been able to adapt from the norm and capture our unique working environment and culture perfectly. It truly feels like they are apart of the team!

Adam O'Brien - President / Bitcoin Solutions

​The team at River City HR was exceptional. As a small business, consultant fees can be daunting, but price is only an objection in the absence of value. The candidate I hired with River City HR is exceptional, the process we used to garner the best results was comprehensive, & the experience was painless. In a world where acquiring & retaining talent is the difference between success & failure, River City HR helped me hire like a pro.

Taylor Hack - Team Lead/ Hack & Co ReMax River City

Over the past year, River City Recruiting & HR has assisted with our last three hires. Being a small office, our mandate is to hire, not only the best skilled candidate, but also the candidate that will fit with our thriving culture. Allie and her team complete thorough tests on each candidate, which provides insightful information that goes beyond just their skills. As a result, we hired three incredible individuals that fit perfectly with our team. I have been hiring staff for 7 years and I feel like the Harrison Report has been my missing link. Additionally,  River City Recruiting & HR provides incredible feedback, insight and recommendations on each candidate – this information helped us make unbiased and informed decisions, which ultimately has saved our company an incredible amount of money.

Shaun Maslyk - Certified Financial Planner, Owner / Cooperators Insurance

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